What should you consider when choosing a holiday rental by UK surfing spots?

11 June 2024

When the daylight breaks over the endless expanse of water and the ocean starts to churn rhythmically, the beauty of the surfing scene unfolding before you is unmatched. For those of you with a love for the waves and a passion for surfing, the thought of a holiday near the UK's top surfing spots is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The coastline of the UK, dotted with some of the world's best waves, has long been a magnet for domestic and international surfers. But what should you consider when choosing a holiday rental by these dreamy, wave-crashing spots? Let's explore the key elements to ensure you find the perfect stay for your surfing holiday.

The Proximity to the Beach

One of the most essential considerations when choosing a holiday rental for your surfing vacation in the UK is its proximity to the surf. Whether it's the powerful swells of Cornwall, the consistent waves of North Scotland, or the pristine beach breaks of the South coast, you'd want to stay as close as possible to these coveted breaks.

Being near to the beach not only means more time on the water but also less hassle in terms of transport and equipment hauling. Imagine, waking up to the sound of waves, grabbing your board, and walking a few steps to meet the ocean. It's a surfer's dream come true.

However, also remember to consider the potential downside of being too close to the beach such as high winds, noise, and sometimes, lack of privacy.

The Amenities of the Property

While proximity to the surf might be your top priority, the amenities of the holiday rental can dramatically influence your overall experience. After a long day of riding the waves, you'd want to come back to a property that offers comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

Look for properties that have amenities like secure board storage, outdoor showers for washing off sand and salt, and drying areas for wetsuits. A well-equipped kitchen is also beneficial for those meals when you're too tired to eat out.

In terms of sleeping arrangements, consider your group's needs. If you're travelling with your family or a group of friends, a property with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can make your stay more comfortable.

Season and Weather Conditions

Knowing the best time to surf in your chosen location in the UK can help you book the right holiday rental. Cornwall, for instance, is best visited in late summer and autumn when the Atlantic swells are consistent. In contrast, the waves in North Scotland are at their best during the winter months.

Also consider what type of weather and water conditions you prefer. Some surfers thrive in the challenging, cold-water waves of Scotland, while others prefer the milder conditions of the southern coast.

Local Attractions and Activities

Surfing might be the main drawcard of your holiday, but having other local attractions and activities nearby can add variety to your stay. This is especially important if you're travelling with non-surfers who may want to explore while you're out catching waves.

Does the location have good walking or cycling trails? Are there interesting historical sites or cultural attractions? How about restaurants and cafes that serve local cuisine? These are all factors to consider when choosing your holiday rental.

The Cost of the Stay

Last but certainly not least, is the cost of the holiday rental. This will, of course, heavily depend on your personal budget. But keep in mind that prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the time of year, location, and the amenities of the property.

Understanding your needs and priorities can help you make the best decision for your surfing holiday in the UK. Whether it's being a stone's throw from the beach or having a spacious, amenity-rich property, remember to strike a balance between cost and comfort.

Choosing a holiday rental for your surfing trip in the UK involves more than just picking the nearest property to the beach. It's about finding a place that not only facilitates your passion for the waves but also provides a conducive environment for relaxation and recreation. By considering the factors we've discussed, you're well on your way to finding a holiday rental that will enhance your surfing adventure in the UK.

Health and Safety Considerations

When planning your surfing holiday in the United Kingdom, it's crucial to consider health and safety aspects. Given the unpredictable nature of the ocean and the adventurous spirit of the sport, safety should be at the forefront of your planning.

Firstly, inspect the holiday rental property for any potential safety hazards. If you're travelling with children, ensure the property is child-friendly and has necessary precautions such as secure railings on balconies and stairs. Check if the property provides first aid kits for minor injuries.

If you're new to surfing or visiting a surf spot for the first time, consider enrolling in a local surf school. This can help you get acquainted with the area's waves and currents, and enhance your surfing skills under the guidance of experienced surfers. Plus, it's always comforting to know you're not alone in the water.

In terms of health, check if the property is clean and well-maintained. A dirty or unhygienic property can lead to health issues, turning your dream surfing holiday into a nightmare.

Also, consider the availability of local medical facilities just in case of emergencies. While we hope you won't need them, being prepared is always prudent.

The Luxury Factor

For some, a surfing holiday is not just about catching the best surf. It's also about relaxing in a comfortable environment and enjoying some luxury. If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider the luxury factor of your holiday rental.

Fancy a hot tub to soothe your muscles after a day on the surf? Or perhaps you'd love a property with a beautiful patio where you can enjoy the sunset? Maybe you fancy a property with stylish interior design or one with high-end amenities like a modern kitchen, a home theatre system, or even a private pool?

Some holiday rentals in the United Kingdom, especially on the west coast and in the south west like Cornwall, offer such luxuries. They could be a tad more expensive, but for the added comfort and relaxation they provide, many find them worth every penny.

Whether you're an experienced surfer scouting for the best surf spots or an adventure travel enthusiast exploring new territories, remember to factor in the luxury element when choosing your holiday rental.


Choosing a holiday rental near the UK's top surf spots goes beyond just proximity to the beach. It's about finding the perfect balance between your surfing needs, comfort, safety, and even the desire for luxury.

From considering the weather conditions and local attractions to the amenities of the property and enrolment in a surf school, there are numerous factors that can influence your choice. And of course, balancing these with your budget can ensure you have a fulfilling and memorable beach holiday.

Whether you're drawn to the icy wave pools of the east coast, the warm, consistent waves of South Wales, or the popular Cornwall surfing spots, the United Kingdom offers a diverse range of surfing experiences for everyone.

And as you soak in the breath-taking sunset after a day of riding the waves, you'll realise that the time and effort spent in choosing the right holiday rental was indeed well worth it. After all, years from now, these moments will be your cherished memories. Happy surfing!

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